Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Broadcast Quality Television Commercials For Small Businesses (Computer Voice & Animation)

For those clients who are a little shy we take your photos and graphics and design a computer animation host as your spokesperson. We can use a female computer voice or male computer voice. We can also record your voice to be used with the computer animation. There is just about no limit as to what can be animated. Here are some examples.

Broadcast Quality Television Commercials For Small Businesses (On-Air Talent in front Of A Green Screen)

This spot incorporates On-Air Talent Standing in front of a green screening reading from a teleprompter. Graphics are and music are added in post-production. Here are two examples.

Broadcast Quality Television Commercials For Small Businesses (Human Voice & Animation)

Very reasonable rates! Prices vary on your ad style.  Here are a few examples;

This spot was recorded on a cell phone by the client and emailed to the studio. Audio was processed removing background noise and adding a special effect.  Animation was composed in the studio and voice synced to animation.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

8mm & Hi8 tape to Digital File, VHS to Digital File, Mini DV To Digital File Only $10.00 Per 1-hour Tape

Want to convert your old video tapes to a video file that you can share with friends and family? The transfer charge is only $10.00 per 1-hour tape. For an additional charge of $10.00 your stop and start glitches are removed, and the entire hour is color corrected as much as possible considering the format and age of the videotape. We also place your file into a HD template so it gives your video a professional look on your flat screen TV.

For a fee of $20.00 a year we will provide you with video server space to store your precious memories. Using a link we provide you, your family and friends can download your videos. For more information call 520-226-8832.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Desert Radio AZ Video & Audio Podcast Studio

Desert Radio AZ Video & Podcast Studio - Interested in scheduling studio time? It's easy fill out the contact form on the right side of this posting.

Desert Radio AZ “Video & Audio Podcasting Studio,” is located at 48 Main Street in Bisbee, Arizona. This facility offers the public an opportunity to expand their personal social media goals without the need for investment in software or hardware. The owner has over 40 years of Radio & Television Broadcasting Experience and will assist you in completing a quality video or audio production at the very reasonable rate of $25.00 an hour and a production library access fee of $6.00. So now you can have that Youtube, Facebook or Podcasting show that you always wanted. Plus if you have a burning desire to be a Disc Jockey we can make that dream come true. We will record your show for $25.00 an hour plus a $6.00 access fee to our large music library covering a variety of music genres. We will then schedule your show in a time slot of your choosing if it's available so you can tell your family and friends to listen to your show. The radio station is and internet radio station with a world wide audience. The studio is also equipped with a green screen and teleprompter for producing professional videos. Video Editing Services, and Computer animations are also available. For more information call 520-226-8832.

Friday, June 17, 2016

How would you like a Talking Virtual Reality You!

How would you like your own website Host? Someone who looks like you, or a cartoon character in the Virtual Reality World! This is great for small businesses to offer their services and for sending best wishes to friends and relatives on any occasion. Build a Christmas, Birthday, Etc. list. Have a ready made video animation library that you can email to business clients,friends and family on that special day. Very Reasonable rates and Quick Turn-around of your animation. For More Information call (520) 477-2792 Or email me at

Here are some samples: