Friday, May 1, 2015

Low Budget Video Production - Your Own YouTube or Facebook Show

Today the home movie camera is the smartphone. How would you like to give your cell phone home movies a little sparkle? Turn those shots with the kids and grandparents into something special. Turn your children’s sporting events into low budget sports features with interviews from the team’s most valuable player your child. Prom Night, Weddings, Family outings, etc.  We can turn your cell phone footage or camcorder footage into a 5-minute low budget production with all the bells & whistles. You shoot it! with the help of our pre-production instructions. We provide the professional expertise in post-production (video editing).  We have a large video footage library, virtual news sets for Green Screen shots (Light green poster board available at hobby stores), sound effects, and a royalty free production music library to use in your low budget production. We will even send you free information to assist you in the shooting process.  Need a small budget sales video for your business website? Want to have your own YouTube Show or Facebook Show? We are here to help you with that too! For more information email me or call (520) 442-2227.

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