Tuesday, December 26, 2017

8mm & Hi8 tape to Digital File, VHS to Digital File, Mini DV To Digital File Only $10.00 Per 1-hour Tape

Want to convert your old video tapes to a video file that you can share with friends and family? The transfer charge is only $15.00 per 1-hour tape. For an additional charge of $10.00 your stop and start, glitches are removed, and the entire hour is color corrected as much as possible considering the format and age of the videotape. We also place your file into an HD template so it gives your video a professional look on your flat screen TV.

For a fee of $20.00 a year, we will provide you with video server space to store your precious memories. Using a link we provide you, your family and friends can download your videos. For more information call 520-226-8832.